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R380 gear box blocking in gear 2

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Hi all,

I've a strange problem and it's as above. the R380 box sometimes blocks me from shifting into 2 directly from 1 or neutral. say when i'm moving off from a stop, from 1 to 2 and it doesn' want me to go into 2. mind you, i don't rev hard on gear 1 some i'm sure i'm at a reasonable speed which gear 2 will be usable. i've got a 1.222 disco t-box fitted though. other times, it's when i'm at a stop and i try to put it to 2, it won't allow me to do so until i release the clutch and try again.

Sometimes on a bad day, it grinds when it drops into 2. on a good day, it all works well.

any ideas before i migh have to do something drastic like overhaul the box?


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Andrew i would be of the mind set to drop the gaer oil for fresh and see what you have after that.

We have the that aussie oil enricher over here in Australia (west) it leaves a residual film on the gears (b/goxes, transfer cases, difs) so that the gears are always primed with oil.

If you have any drama's getting the stuff the other guys have recommenede give me a hoy i'll give you the details of the stuff we have here. Regards.

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