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VDO Tachometer

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Terminal marked as 2 connects to Alternator 'W' terminal, this is the rpm signal from alternator to rev counter

Terminal marked as + [positive] = 12v ignition controlled feed [any of the White wires behind the instrument pack will do the job]

Terminal marked as - [negative] = Earth connection

the illumination can be connected into the existing gauges illumination via the red/white trace wire & earth

the 3 small dip [slider] switches set these to 1

& 3

up & 2 [centre] down

that should get it working, mine is fitted next to the speedo.

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IIRC in mine was a 1.2watt capless bulb, Halfords or any car spares shop would have some, don't know if there's a led to fit.

There sure is!

Crazy LEDs

The only problem is they are so bright they can make a bright spot in your gauge. You may need a small circular diffuser directly above the centre of the LED face to prevent a bright spot.

Diffuser film here:

Metal Monkey Dials

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went to install mine, did all the wiring, plugged it in and nothing, thought i'd got the wrng terminal on the alternator, so rewired it so i had it in my hand while moving the wire around the alternator, turns ou one of the power terminals on the unit was dodgy, a bit intermittent and loose. a bit of shaking would make it work now and then, so contacted seller, same ebay fella as listed above,, the £34 unit and he sent another onwards and its all good now :D

switch setting i have it on all 3 down giving me a 750-800 to 3800 rpm rougly range, thus using all of the dial unlike many units you see that go up to 8k!

that appears to be the best setting from what i saw

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