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Power Steering Reservoir


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I am after some ideas/confirmation of information for power steering reservoirs.

I have ditched the GMC pump which has a combined pump & reservoir; due to water getting into the fluid and the small capacity I think causing fluid boiling issues.

I currently am fitting a standard 200tdi pump, to a standard (same as previously fitted) LR 4 bolt steering box; but do have this type Hydro assist to fit in the near future.

As far as I am aware Land Rover had two main types of reservoir, the small plastic pot and the earlier larger metal pot.

The larger metal pot gives bigger capacity which I guess should be beneficial for any hydro steer set up and to aid cooling? But is it possible to extend the breather which from memory is a pin prick hole in a very thin metal lid? Is the standard lid seal adequate?

The plastic pot is smaller but presumabley it is easier to tap the hole, due to a bit more material, in the lid to take a breather?

All the other offerings out there as far as I am aware seem to be fully sealed without breathers:-

Reservoir 1

Reservoir 2

Reservoir 3

Is a breather required at all? If so how do the above function?

If the reservoir size is increased are baffles still such an important consideration? My thinking being that another type of reservoir could be used?

Any other suggestions/ideas welcome.



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