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Sticky indicators!


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Hi, 1989 RR 3.5

My fantastic 1989 alarm immobiliser is linked to the central locking (obviously), normal routine is the indicators flash 3 times when I unlock, which gives me 10 seconds max to start her before the immobilser kicks in. When I switch off, get out and lock up the indicators stay on (not flashing) for about 3 seconds before going off.

Latetly though the indicators have been staying on (not flashing, just on) after either operation. They go off eventually if I lock and unlock a few times but it's getting worse/more frequent. I couldn't even override them with the hazard switch.

Question is where should I start looking? Is it a fault with the indicator relay? That's my first thought as the immobiliser still works in relation to the central locking, I can still start the engine and drive off with all the indicators on.

Don't want to be locking/unlocking too much as I've heard about burning out the central locking control unit.



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i had this on mine but not with the central locking, its a two door and doesn't have it. my indicator relay was knackered (didn't realise until i found out why the indicators were staying on and not flashing) and it burnt out the wiring on my hazard switch. check all the wiring and connections. i changed the relay and all was fine.

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