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Range Rover Classic - Air or Coils?


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We have a late (M reg) Softdash Range Rover Classic Overfinch on air (slighlty modded by Overfinch although I'm fairly sure this is just a change to when it raises/lowers).

All 4 air bags are shagged and could do with replacement. The Rangey is not used offroad but does get used for towing and blasting about.

My dilemma is, change all four air springs out for some coils, I've had a RRC on -1 coils before and it handled very well, or replace the air springs.

Any good sources for air springs? I seem to remember reading that you could rebuild the springs with new bellows. I also remember reading that it was possible to fit the P38 springs to the Classic?

Any input/opinions/pointers much appreciated!

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I don't know about fitting 38A springs to the Classic, but my general approach would be to keep the air suspension. Support facilities are so much better now than they were when the car was only 5 years old. As your car has made it this far I'd suggest it's beneficial to keep it to the specification when sold.

Rover Renovations are key, and I'd use them as my guide. The owner will respond to requests for advice about the differences between original and Arnotts, he will probably have had more feedback than anyone else. When you visit http://www.rover-renovations.com/ go to the top RH corner and set the currency to GB Pounds, it makes the prices more meaningful. I don't know of anywhere cheap, you just have to do the search thing on ebay and any other suppliers you favour.


Whatever the retaining arrangements are that hold the spring units in place, assume you will need new ones (38A experience).

Removing the bellows from the cores isn't as easy as you might think (or not as easy as I thought!!). Obviously, if you are staying with standard bellows, rather than Arnotts, it's cheaper to buy just the bellows, so you have no option but to do the separation tug-of-war.

Good Luck

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Well, the technology side of things isn't so much of an issue, I have the software/leads etc to reset the ECU. Just a case of finding replacement parts that don't end up costing more than the car is worth.

I just checked those guys out, I think replacing the bellows may well be the way forwards although I don't expect the job to be all that easy :)

Cheers for the help

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