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Stripping a Steering box

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Anybody know how to strip a 4 bolt steering box (Disco 1993 4 bolt)?

I can get a "repair kit" on Ebay for £9, but is it worth it? I assume if the shaft is corroded then it needs chroming and grinding?

I have swapped the seal on the bottom but it leaks worse now!


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i think general opinion is that its not worth the hastle.

you can get a recon 4 bolt box for under a hundred quid now, or a good, non leaky secondhand one for about £60.

i bought a secondhand one from someone on here, for £60, took about 3 hours to fit it.

worst bit was aligning all the steering column UJ's, and bleading the system...

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Well, that answers that.

Reference previous subject on leeking steering box - I added small amount of brake fluid - it's not helped. I thought about the new seals, but this subject tells me not to do it - so a new box it will be.

Only had a reconditioned one two years ago!! I'll have to stump up the money again.

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I found it cheaper to buy an Adwest one from Paddocks. I did call Adwest but they said buy it from Paddocks as they buy so many they get a really good discount.


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