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Replacing rear wiring loom on 110 200tdi

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I have some "issues" with the rear part of the loom on my 110 in relation to the lights. Currently, it is a little bit bodged to say the least, so hopefully this summer I shall getting a replacement rear loom from Autosparks.

Are there any problems I need to look out for? Is the join between the front and the rear in some awkwardly inaccessible place?

Thanks in advance.


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That's correct as it runs all the way to the front of your 110 through the os chassis rail. Connects to the front loom under your footwell (connection is easy enough to get at).

Disconnect at the front, tie some string to the end, pull it back through the chassis from the rear. Disconnect string, attach to new loom and pull that back through the chassis.

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forward plugs are adjacent to the brake servo/clutch pedal assembly. see the link above.

don't bother routing the new loom through the chassis, route it along the upper inboard edge of the right main chassis rail, secure with cable ties & wrap with spiral wrap or convoluted tubing, much easier to access & check for any future problems.

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If you want to route the loom in the exact same way, then you might have to drop the tank. As it passes across to the passender side light cluster - it actually passes through a plastic grommet in the crossmember, which would be very difficult to do with the back of the tank in the way.


Also - the plastic panels at the rear of the rear arch have a couple of screws keeping each of them in place, which usually refuse to come undone. If you route the new wiring loom slightly differently, then removal of the tank is unnecessary as you just cut the old one off in bits. The new loom can be fitted in a similar fashion though - just cable tie it in place.


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