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Sherpa 2.5 NA lump timing cover, etc

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Done several searches on the forum and found lots of advice on this subject but I am still confused :rolleyes:

My truck is '84 90 with Sherpa lump fitted. This all stared because I have just replaced wading breather pipes to gearbox, trannie and axles and was looking for the wading plug holes. Found the clutch housing one no problem but can't see the one for timing cover. I read on here that Sherpa no good for wading due to timing cover not being water proof. Read also about other differences in timing gear, housing and injector pump (Les Henson says it is the same but Frida T says they are different).

Engine swap was done before I got the truck (from 2.25 diesel) so timing cover may have been changed to defender one by previous owner. So my problem is how do I tell which timing cover has been used and can the sherpa cover be made waterproof by using RTV sealer or is it not that simple?

A photo of a LR 2.5NA cover and a sherpa cover would be very helpful.

If I have to go for the LR cover, then can anyone give a definitive answer on the differences and help with part numbers? Also anyone have any used LR 2.5NA bits they can sell cheap?

Finally am I right in thinking the 12J engine is the LR 2.5NA, 15J is the sherpa lump and 19J is the LR 2.5TD engine?

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I have converted a sherpa timing cover to a 90/110 one, so I know how to do it. You need 90/110 injector pipes, rear timing case, front timing case. 90/110 timing belt and tensioner kit, rear timing case/engine block gasket, timing cover gasket, injector pump gasket, etc, etc. The injector pump will be lower down than on the sherpa engine, so the chassis engine mount on the drivers side will have to be altered to accomodate it. Apart from the front of the engine - the sherpa engine is the same as the 2.5 N/A 90/110. The inlet manifold will also swap for the L/R one - removing the round canister type filter on top of the engine.


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Sherpa injector pumps are physicaly the same but are calibrated differently.

I have a scrap 2.5 td engine here that has all the timing cover bits on you need, yours for the price of a couple of beers and a packet of fags.

You'd have to collect though. PM me if you're interested.

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Thanks Les - great advice as always.

Pat (Professor?) thanks very much for your offer - can't PM you as my email client is on the blink. Unfortunately I am up in wet and windy Lancashire so too far away as the only option for collection is the 90 and that's (still) off the road and will be for some time.

Last owner went through some quite deep muddy stuff :o so I think I had better check out the timing cover but when it was running it seemed to be OK. For now I'll put all my efforts to get back on the road and then have some fun in it - then I might look to getting a 200tdi conversion - if SWMBO agrees :lol:

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