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Auto box conversion help

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Now that i'm in the finial stage of connecting up my auto box into my 90, i realised that the donor auto box oil cooler and pipework isn't going to work :rolleyes:

Any suggestions on what type and where to get a cooler which would work, where to mount it and how to plumb it in ? How have you done your conversions ?


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dont know it this will help but when i put my auto box in my v8 90 i had the same probs and decided to fit a bonnet scoop and mount the old tube type onto the underside of the bonnet and had my local hydrolic hose maker pipe it up, it worked perfect there and stayed out of the crud and was well vented through the bonnet scoop. another would be the wing vent on the drivers side top of the wing as there isnt anything there and is well out the way.

hope this helps gavin

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I used a 13row 235mm wide mocal oil cooler and made my own pipe work to suit by extending the original flexible pipes using joiners also from mocal, (touch wood) has been fine for at least 6 months in the defender and over a year on the Discovery before that when I moved the cooler to get the winch in.

post-1238-127091485207_thumb.jpg not the most elegant solution but it works.


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