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rear UJ on front prop gone, easy to fix?

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Hi everyone,

Have been having a weird vibration under load (going up hill) from my 110 at about 40-50mph.

Then started to get a "chirping" noise from the front and a "clunk" when taking up drive but quiet as anything driving along.

Have just crawled underneath and found alot of play in front propshaft and it's rear UJ knackered/broken :( .

I need to fix this over the next couple of days as the 110 is my daily drive (typically I have a couple

of days off work and have to spend them fixing the truck not using it :( ) and have a few questions.

Is UJ replacement a fairly easy job?

Do I need to remove the propshaft or can it be done in situ?

Would it be prudent to replace both UJ's or should I jus worry about the broken one?

Would I be better to just replace the whole prop?

How do I find out which one to order?



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i'm an idiot and i repaced the rear UJs in no time at all. You need a vice to get them back together.

Yes you need to remove the Prop

Yes repace both with ones with grease nipples pref HD ones. Pretty cheap so no big problem.

No need to replace the prop unless its splines are worn.

one of the adults will be along with more advice......

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Cheers for the info so far, doesn't sound like it should be too much trouble - famous last words! :rolleyes:

One thing I meant to ask is if I remove the front prop will the truck be driveable without it?

Yes, if you engage the centre difflock & avoid hard acceleration, it'll be fine until you get the prop fixed & refitted.

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only create/cuase more problems if you thrash it mercilessly, be gentle with acceleration & be mindful the front axle isn't driving & adapt accordingly.

It's worth marking the position of the yoke so it goes back the same and also the sliding joint in case this comes apart. I remember pulling out the sliding joint to inspect it and then realising I hadn't marked it.

Suffered with vibrations above 65mph ever since as it had gone out of balance. Eventually cured with a new prop.


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