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commercial load area


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Hello there,

After trawling the search option and the wise old 'tinternet I've drawn a blank... I'm trying to find the measurements of the load area of a 300tdi discovery 1. I'm interested in building something to fit within the load area but dont have imediate access to a real life one for a fair while so would like to get the base work done beforehand to save time (yeah...right! ;oD ). I've seen the cubic reference, but this doesnt help me with knowing such things as how wide the rear area is at its thinist, how far in the wheel arches are, how high they protrude etc etc etc... I'm pretty sure noone will have a sketch handy, but I'm hoping someone will of stumbled upon a diagram somewhere and could point me in the right direction... but then again I'm hoping someone whos done a camper conversion or similar maaay just of noted em down -crosses fingers-

thanking you in advance...


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I have done a camper conversion Paul but don't have the measurements to hand. I have a full size 6'6" x 4' size sleeping area with the seats folded forwards and a 20" board to fill the gap between load and seats. From that a rough approximation makes the load area about 48" x 60"

Pics of my conversion


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OK had a measure and my guestimate above weren't far out. Length to bulkhead is going to be about 57" and the width is about 48" for much of the area (plus extra in parts). Between the arches its down to about 42"and the tops of arches are about 8" high. All measurements approximate!

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