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What's it worth ?

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I have just bought a new defender and I need to sell my 2003 110 XS ..

it is a 2003, XS model in Epsom green and has 59k miles

XS includes: ABS, TC, aircon, Heated 1/2 leather front seats, heated windscreen, electric front windows, boost alloys, side steps, rear step

I have added the 1.2 ashcroft transfer box upgrade, makes the car cruise at 70 & quietly, and the middle row seats replaced with the new puma middle row, 3x3point seat belts and headrests

I think it's worth about £11 to £12k.. what do you think?


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Ask TJ101 he'll know

Though my ears were burning :rolleyes:

?? Number owners, ?? Service History ?? Condition ??

If all there, would say you would not have much problem with asking £11,995,, Clean 9 seat XS spec 110 will always fetch their money

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cheers TJ, it's clean and tidy, professionally cleaned then underbody waxed by me, Full service history, I am the 3rd owner, I bought it when it had 24k in 03/2006.

I was told the first owner was famous, he/she sold it to the farm manager, and I bought it from Caffyns.

Since the Puma middle row seats have been fitted, I had to loose 2 of the dickies so it's a 7 seater.

thanks for the info guys.

It's going up for sale.

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