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Air in the fuel

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my Defender Td5 (2000) has left me now few times without starting. Or actually it has started but only after very long tryis, sometimes 45 minutes. The fuel pump keeps VERY loud noise and it seems to have problems with lifting the pressure high enough.

Have you had same kind of problems and how could you fix it?

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Have you done any work on the fuel system prior to this problem - even changing the fuel filter, and then gone through the self-bleed process? The pump will make a squishing noise as it purges air out of the system. Once clear - the pump will just run with a slight whining noise. There are known problems with the TD5 fuel system - fuel pressure regulator leaking being the main one. All the pipework is push-fit connections, and any leaks should show up quite easily - due to system pressure. New pumps are expensive (about £180), but are very easy to replace.


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daft as it sounds but you may have a problem with the washers under your injectors. my bosses td5 did the same and changing them cured it. ask your local landrover dealer thats how he found out.

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