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Does this mean a new fuel tank?

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Afternoon all.

Below are some photos of the aperture where the fuel sender sits on my 98 110. It started leaking in the week so I got a new o-ring and retainer to fix it. It soon became clear that the retaining ring had disintegrated with rust (I could pull it away with my fingers) but it looks like the lip of the tank where the ring sits has gone as well.

That said, I'm not familiar enough with the fitting to be sure that is the case and was hoping for some comments. New tank or am I just being pessimistic?




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My friendly dealer has just dropped me off a new tank along with a collection of stuff I may need. Bless him - on a Sunday as well.

3.5 hours later, on a Sunday?!?!? Don't bless him, put him forward for Sainthood!

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Thing is though, Les, that if that bit has rusted away, there are going to be other bits of the tank not far behind.


I agree Mo :)

The general condition of the surrounding area is very poor, so a replacement would be on the cards sonner, rather than later. The sealing lip of the tank looks ok though - it still has black paint on it, so I reckoned the leak was down to retaining ring failing and not the tank itself.

Les :)

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He came over an hour or so after I called him!

The rest of the tank was in very good condition but the rust around the sender was so bad I could peel the retaining ring and lip away with my fingers.

That said the nuts connecting the fuel pipes were rusted so badly I had to cut the fuel lines off. I just need to figure out how to put the new o-ring in now as I have nothing to go on!

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