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Yep - another 200TDi conversion...


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Finally bitten the bullet and looking at changing my old 2.25 lump for a 200TDi.

Picked up the new engine today - out of a K plate Disco with 130k on the clock. Got it back home and made a few 'interesting' finds...

Firstly, under the muck and behind the flywheel housing, there is gold paint. Its a very obvious gold, and not just the old silvery stuff changing colour which makes me think its a replacement engine. Also, all the gaskets appear newish, and they are all put on with RTV silicone.

Secondly, its got Zeus gears... Not wanting to start the debate, they have to stay as I haven't got a suitable timing case to change them for. Only downside is the past owner took the pump off, and I need to work out how to refit it. Assuming its the same as the belt, its line up the dots and put a 9mm drift in the pump case and tighten everything up..?

The only slight issue I have at the moment is that its stuck in the back of my series... It went in with the help of 3 large blokes and a scaffold plank. However... my engine crane won't reach high enough to get it out so I'm looking for plan B at the moment !

I'll take a few photos and I'll be asking lots of questions..!



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Build a wooden platform under the engine crane, only as high as you need, reverse series under the lift, lift engine, drive series out, drop engine, dismantle platform and then re-lift engine where you want :)

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I just made a stupid reply to that^^^^^, so now it's gone.

Les :)

Well a day off work has seen some spanner action after a quick trip to Paddock to get lots of new shiny bits... :-)

Engine has been stripped and the greasy muck removed. Got most cleaned up and now got a couple of coats of engine enamel on the block - very red !! :lol:

Got to work for a few days, so the flywheel housing has gone off to Richard at Glencoyne for fettling and hopefully all the other bits will be in stock at Paddock by Saturday...








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in the past with landy engines i have used a plank and carefully walked the engine down from the back of a landy.



03 d2 td5 auto e.s.

97 d1 300 tdi man.


I'd thought that, but I recon it still weighs about 170kg and I'm half that !!

I've got a couple of very big mates who might get pressed into action this weekend !



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