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Winch solenoid gone??


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Well after the joy of getting the RRC through it's MOT I went to use the winch yesterday and it never worked!!

I can hear the clicking at the solenoid pack which works off a wireless remote (not sure if I'm a fan).

After checking the wiring it all seems ok. However after a few attempts at working it, the solenoid pack make quite a bit of noise, clicking it seems, like sticking a lolly pop stick in the back wheel of your bike if you know what I mean :)

solenoid gone guys ??

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If shorting the terminals doesnt appeal to you, you could always just use a multimeter.

If you set it to dc volts, and put one lead on the motor cable and the other on a earth point and then use the winch. If you get 12v it means the solenoid works, If you dont get the voltage it dont work

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Defo the solenoid my went like that & it was lack of use & maintenance . SO now I make a habit of running out the winch @ least once a week.

Also put some Grease over the terminals that helps also.wink.gif Remember it's a lot of money sat on the front of ur truck so l@@k after it.ohmy.gif

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It's only been on for about a month. The solenoid is second hand mind you. :rolleyes:

went out at lunch time there and tried the meter on it. No voltage seems to be present at any of the terminals when it's activated.

Terminals are clean and coated in petrolium jelly to help protect.

Will search for a new solenoid pack and hope that sorts it and run it at least once a week :)

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Ok I'm back

new solenoid arrived this morning. 4.30 I got it fitted. Turned the isolator switch to arm the winch, then the solenoid started clicking!!!

It's still not winching. :(


it's a very solid click this time over and over.

Thoughts? Earth/negative terminals bad contact??

Depression :(

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Starter battery. Battery is good and not that old.

Only connection I haven't really got into good and proper is the negative at the bottom as it's only got about 10mm of gap to get into.

Looks like it's steering guard off time then to clean it up and hopefully that'll do it.

Thanks :)

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The bottom terminal on the winch runs direclty to the negative on the battery. I think the earth for solenoid is a thin red wire that was also connected to this terminal.

This is the way the wiring was attatched when I got the winch.

Hope I've expained that right :)

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After a night of laying there thinking about the earth. I'm thinking where it is justnow might be causing the problem.

Is there a better place I could locate the earth?

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Hi guys.

Totally pi**ed off now :(

been out and got the negative connection cleaned etc and it's still rattling away when it's armed. I ran a new negative direct to the battery to solenoid and it still rattling when armed. :(

What else can it be? Wires to winch? They're not the best but worked fine when first put together.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Well the clicking has returned!!!! :(

would te fact that the solenoid is mounted on it's side make a difference??

For the life of me I can't figure out what the hell is wrong !!

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No one? It's gone quiet..........

Further development.........

Done the winch motor test this evening, "A" terminal to F1 and run live to F2 winch motor is ok and running.


The only other thing I can think of is the fact that the solenoid negative spade terminal connection should be split from the wireless remote negative and run one of them seperatly to the winch itself??

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