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Silver Soldering

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Hi folks,

A fuel cooler on a TD5 has 2 x stub pipes attached to the fuel cooler body which allows for fuel return from the injectors to pass through the cooler and exit the cooler through the second stub back to the filter / tank etc.

The fuel cooler is made of stainless steel, it seems. I am about to repair a crack where the stub pipe is attached to the fuel cooler cannister. Would silver soldering be the correct way ? Would a silver soldered repair be able to withstand the pressure in the fuel cooler (4 bar)?

Appreciate your thoughts on this.



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Thinking about it, probably not at 4 bar. One would probably have to test the system at that point to determine the pressure. Fuel pressure would normally be tested at the point where it enters the fuel pressure regulator (HP side), it should be the quoted 4 bar (as per Rave). The injectors pressurise the fuel to approx 1500 bar and excessive fuel from the common rail not taken into the injectors then exits back through the pressure regulator to the cooler and back to the filter and tank.

Sooo ... to answer my own question :lol: , it cannot be at 4 bar as it is at the point where the pressure drops from 4 bar to the LP stage. Conclusion .... lower than 4 bar .... how much pressure ? ..... would need to be tested.

Silver soldering ? Will give it a try ... unless the more knowledeable people here can show me the way.

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TIG welding would be the 'correct' way but silver solder will do it if you don't have a significant gap to fill.

Silver solder fluxes are usually pretty corrosive, so make sure you clean it up well. But you probably knew that already!


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