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200tdi rad/IC seems to be too high!

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am doing a engine swap on my 1990 Defender 110 which had a 2.5na and now I have fitted a defender 200tdi with its original radiator and intercooler. However I after fitting the rad/IC the whole assembly seems very high and I cannot close the bonnet. Is this correct height?



Or do i have to cut off the part that holds the rad/IC bottom plate rests on by an inch or so.

Am totally confused. Also the top rad/IC plate does not have the studs to put the fan cover and bolt it. Would appreciate your help.





Does anyone have a picture of a defender 200tdi rad/ic pictures that can be of help to me as it is in their landys?

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Yes, cut the bottom brackets.

Linky - from Les' article (curses - too slow posting :blink: )

From our dear friend the technical archive, about half way down this link, by Les :rolleyes: , is what you need. I'm guessing its a Disco radiator originally.

Or would you like a real Defender 200TDi rad / intercooler, as I have one :D for sale ;) cheap :P

As for studs, just drill some holes in the right places?

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Prith -- 2 diemensions for you to check against.[my 110 was a TD & the rad mounts have not been modified]

my Defender spec rad/intercooler is 432mm from the bottom face to top face of the frame surrounding the assembly.

the top face of the assembly is 487mm from the top face of the front cross member

which makes the rad mounts 55mm high including the rubber grommet between rad/intercooler assembly & the cross member mounting

hth :D

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