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Under Body Rust Protection - Good or Not?

Under Body Rust Protection - Good or Bad?  

  1. 1. Would you recomend under body rust protection?

    • Yes - I would recommend rust protection
    • No - I would not recommend rust protection

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I’m looking at getting the Landy rust protected with something like Waxoyl.

I’ve chatted with the guy at www.before-n-after.co.uk who suggested Waxoyl over his Ermintrude product due to the cars age I guess and of course I can’t afford the £1700 cost of it?

The cost for Waxoyl is £460+VAT.

Would anyone like to post any experiences of such work undertaken including but not limited to...?

Recommendations of companies?

Was it worth doing?

Mess afterwards, i.e. working on the car after treatment?

Do you put diff guards and the like on before or after?

Any comments are welcome...


Blue Skies

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Hi, I used clear waxoyl inside chassis/doors etc, and black for outer chassis and under body. Not too messy and it doesn't take long. Cleaning and drying takes the time. Regards, rocky.

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I am closing this thread.


Because over the years questions concerning rust prevention and the various products and methods of application is one of, if not the most common queries to appear on both this and other Land Rover forums. This inevitably means there is already a wealth of information already in existence here and elsewhere including some very lengthy discussions of the products and services quoted. A quick Google search will bring up more than enough reading material to occupy the most inquisitive of minds.

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