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drop arm fitting, just a quick question

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I have just got round to getting my old steering box off, came off very easy after soaking all the bolts in releasing fluid for as few days :D

I am just about to fit the new box and the new drop arm but I want to check that I have the right drop arm, it doesnt seem to go as far up the splines as the old one did on the old box. I'm thinking it will probably go up a bit when I tighten the nut but I want to double check with someone who has done it before before I start forcing things. in the pic its on as far as it can go on without tightening the nut. I recon it need to go about 10mm more to be in the same position as on the old one.



So, should I just wind up the nut a bit and stop being a big girly or is there something wrong here. Never done this before thus wanting to check first.

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The splines are tapered so the tighter you tighten the nut on the bottom of the shaft then the further the drop arm will go up so to speak towards the box-you could always take the time now to convert it to the solid drop arm as previously discussed elsewhere on here off of a discovery 1 a lot better to use as it uses track rod ends instead of that horrible ball jointed drop arm which takes an absolute age to change and the track rod end version takes about 15 minutes on a slow day



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