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Series 3, 88


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Hello about to install Disc brake conversion by Hystee Automotive. Has anyone gone before me an confess what my first mistake might be? Would parabolic springs give an 88 with lite loads a better ride or does the wart stay? Some in forum speak of alternative carb to solve choke all out on first start. What carb would that be beside the Weber on it? Any herding toward LR bliss would be appreciated.

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Wow! Lots of things there.

Only real thing I know about Hystee disc brakes is that they are quite pricey for what they are. I would just make sure your brakes are in good order, you're only talking of running lightly loaded.

I had parabolic springs on my 88" V8. I found them to give a very harsh ride. Others will tell you they offer a ride close to that of a coil sprung Ninety. They do give slightly improved articulation off road.

The standard 2.25 carb, certainly on later models was a Zenith 36IV unit. The Weber 34ICH that is commonly found as a replacement is a touch smaller. There's nothing wrong with either carb if is in good condition, although the Zenith by virtue of it's size will give slightly more beans.

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Before you buy the Heystee kit, look through this forum (or the technical arhchive) as Gremlin has written an excellent thread about how he made his own conversion.

Parabolics do give a better ride provided they are good quality ones and you fit matched shock absorbers (old leaf springs act as shock absorbers on their own by the friction between the leaves)

If your carburettor works, don't play with it. I haven't seen anything that suggests the Weber is much better, only different, with different problems.

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