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Removing impact Adhesive


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I have what looks like a mammoths pubic hair glued to my seat box and rear tub.

Its glued on with impact adhesive and I am looking for an easy way of getting it off.

So far the only method is using an old paint scraper to get as much of as possible and then petrol to soften the glue, scrape some more and then wipe again with a petrol rag to get back to the paint.

Its all a bit laborious and I gave up the will to live at one point.

Does anybody clever know what the best chemical is to use that will get the glue off and leave the paint intact underneath?


G :)

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Result!! :D

I used a liberal amount of White Spirit and left it to soak then lifted it off with a paint scraper.

I then wiped over the residue with a soaked rag and gave it another good going over after a while.

The good thing with the White Spirit is it doesn't evaporate very quickly and soaks well.

Thanks again chaps, I now have a bald rear tub. :P


G :)

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