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Will a RRC 200tdi Engine fit in a Defender?

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I've been in the market for a 200tdi engine for a while now, like many others...for my Def 90 '89 2.5td...

I've been looking at Disco 200tdi's, but have come across a RRC 200 tdi...

I've searched everywhere for this answer, but haven't got anywhere...

A simple question really...are these exactly the same as the Disco 200tdi's...i.e. engine mounts, intercoolers, turbos etc...? Are they just as easy to swap over?

Next question, I was told by someone I should take the axle off the Disco and put that on my Defender too...not too sure why, but anyway...can I do the same with the RRC? Or are these completely different?

Think that is it...sorry for the novice question...I'm trying to learn...


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engine mounts are different between Disco & RRc versions of the 200Tdi, you can use the existing TD mounts on a 200Tdi/

the rear axle as it's disc braked will swap across you may need to change the diff flange to the one off your current drum braked axle, otherwise it's a straight forward change if the shock absorber lower mounts are both forward of the axle case.

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Hi Woody, don't be afraid to ask questions - that's how we all learn! Also remember that you can use the search function on this forum to access an absolute goldmine of knowledge.

Just to put a little more meat on the answer provided by Western: your '89 TD will have a drum braked rear axle - which is perfectly adequate for most agricultural applications and slow speed work. However, when LR dumped TD and went TDi they upgraded the now 'Defender' model to disc brakes to better cope with the increased power output and consequently higher-average speeds owners were achieving.

It is not possible to change from drum to disc whilst retaining the same axle, however - it's dead easy to swap the entire axle from vehicle to vehicle. RR, Defender and Disco I shared their basic underpinnings so it is a relatively simple matter (depending on position of the shock mounts which varied from early to late RR's) to swap an early drum braked defender axle to that of a disc-braked RR unit and gain a brake upgrade. If the shock mounts are in the correct position, it's simply nuts and bolts as Western says.

If you go with RR axles all-round then you also have the added boon of being able to fit snazzy alloy wheels too. :P

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At the risk of being labelled a pedant, it was actually around the end of the 200Tdi production/start of 300Tdi that they went to disc brakes on the rear as well as the front :P

VIN LA930456 was the first with the new brakes, to be exact.

I put a Disco 1 rear axle under my 200Tdi 90 a little while ago. One of the best upgrades I've done to it, brakes are much more responsive and actually work after off-roading :)

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Thanks for all of the responses...much appreciated...looks like I'll be going for it then!

Is there any way of me working out, whether the axle will fit or not...what should I be looking for etc? It is a K reg if that is of any use?

If anyone could give me a pointer, that would be great.

Thanks once again

p.s...I assume it also uses the same rad/intercooler/pipes etc as a Disco 200tdi?

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