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Roof rack and hammock...


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We're currently in Spain enjoying lovely warm weather (and some fantastic off roading) and have a large family size hammock in the vehicle, seeing as we only seem to be able to find one decent tree at a time i was wondering if i could hook the hammock around the roof rack?

it's a steel square section rack, same as the Brownchurch ones, which sits in the roof rails, there's not loads of weight in it, but i doubt that'd matter as all the strain would be in one place, i was thinking of using the rear portion as it's a shorter bar.

the hammock has 12mm rope with carribiners to make fixing it to anything easier.

i weigh about 14 stone and my wife about 9, so 23 total, i have no idea how to work out how much weight that'd work out on the rack but i'd guess half so 11.5 ish...

can anyone advise please?!

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