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small free standing rear fog light


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i need to fit a rear fog light on a (cough non land rover) vehicle which currently does not have one (well it does, but its large, fixed below the bumper and its only a matter of time where the ass of said vehicle gets dragged through the dirt leaving the light behind).

i'd like something like this



but obviously in red.

i'm hoping someone who has been building something non standard recently and had to sva it may have come across something suitable that they can suggest.

i had considered using the above ring ones with some sort of tinting paint, but to be honest i think 55w is far too bright and will just shine through. my test with an led torch and a bike light lense certainly seemed to suggest so.

anyone come across something similar for a rear application? i whipped a fog light off a vw transporter in the scrappies at the weekend to fit into the bumper, but behind the plastic is lots of metal that i can't be bothered cutting, so i was just looking to mount a wee free standing thing on the spare wheel carrier.



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I think that not only is 55W too bright, it's illegally bright if the vehicle is required to have a proper rear foglight.

There are some neat LED lights on the market which can be flush fitted etc., check truck parts suppliers, VWP, kit car suppliers, etc.

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thanks for the links.

i think i should be a bit more specific and warn that i'm being pretty fussy as well.

the car, a landcruiser, has a retrofit fog light already, but it hangs down quite low and is pretty vulnerable.

a flush mount option would be preferrable, which is what i acquired the vw transporter light for, but there's quite a bit of metalwork behind the bumper, including the crossmember which is pretty wide.

mx5 and skyline owners seem to be happy to fit a light for the sva/mot and then whip it off, but i'd rather just have one on all the time.

with that in mind i was looking for a very small (and legal) free standing rear fog to fit to the wheel carrier. that ring front fog for example is 39 x 63mm.

piaa make a nice led one, but at £85 its a bit much


anyway, thanks for the suggestions.

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I have just revamped my lights, I have now fitted a third circlar standard light with a clear lens as is already on my 1987 90, i ordered a set of coloured bulbs off Ebay, but no fog light?, solution, tin of red spray paint and sprayed standard 12v 21watt bulb, works better than the coloured bulbs i paid for.



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