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Portable washing machine


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This may appeal to overlanders. I know it's not rufty tufty wash your kit in the river once a month stuff, but if you have the space I can vouch for this. I bought one last month and it does the job well. It's like a big plastic bin with the controls next to the lid on top and the motor and agitator in the base. When on the road you could use it as a dirty linen basket, so the space is not wasted.



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That's a good idea too :) I bought mine as in Germany at the moment working and didn't want to invest in a second washer. I know some people have a difficult time persuading their partners that a long term overland trip is a good plan. The more home comforts the better and with a portable shower, washing machine, inverter for plug in electrics along with a nice mattress in a roof tent, there's not many 'against' arguments left!

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