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Will these be ok for 48.3mm tube?


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48.3mm is hardly often that accurate, there will be a small plus - minus

50.3mm is not exactly a huge diffeence, these clamps often don't meet up

when bolted together, so with a small amount of care welded on to 48.3mm they

will be fine as the take up will still make for a close fitting



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I thought I can always cut them down the middle and re weld them if they are to big by far

I can't find the exact size for the tube on my cage, these will be used in the rear hoop to roof connection as the hoop is to near the rear roof to be able to weld the support direct to the hoop insitu.

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Just got this from the horses mouth so to speak:

Tony, we have supplied the 2” saddles many times for use on 48.3mm pipe. They should be fine, if however you are not happy to use them, by all means send them back for a full refund.

Regards Dan.

Protection & Performance Ltd

Tel: +44 (0)1282 842200

Fax: +44 (0)1282 843300


We have moved to larger premises. All correspondence and deliveries to Protection & Performance Ltd, Colne Road, Kelbrook, Lancashire BB18 6SW

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I presume you cannot measure the tube because you don't have a vernier?

What I tell people who want to measure their tube for X-Lites is to wrap a piece of paper round it and mark the point that the ends overlap.

Measure the length marked on the paper with a ruler then divide by 3.14. Assuming you can measure to the nearest mm - it gives you an accuracy of 0.3mm on the diameter.


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Cheers Simon

more the point was they are listed for 50.8mm tube

but they are tight on 48.3 when fitted which is what I needed

not having the tube and clamps in the same place raised the question

now I have them both it is clear they are fine :)

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