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300tdi Camshaft bearings


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I'm currently re-building my 300tdi and want to change the camshaft bearings. Haynes just says take it to a specialist and RAVE is no help either. Is it just a case of drifting out the old ones (with quite a long bearing drift), and then drifting in the new ones or is it a bit more complicated than that?

Thanks in advance,


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Camshaft bearing have to be carefully pressed in, in the right position for oil feed, and then have to be line-bored to match camshaft journal diameter. You could press them in yourself, but it's a bit of a risk. I got Turner Engineering to do mine - well worth the money in my opinion. If you aren't near enough to them, then a good machine shop should be able to do them.


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Thanks for the reply.

I've tried a few local machine shops and some engine re-builders, the machine shops don't do that kind of work and the engine re-conditioning people don't have that equipment and weren't very keen, only do re-boring, head skimming etc and said that it'd be around £150-£200 if I found anywhere!

I was only going to replace them as I had it all stripped and was there, there is a small score on the 1st bearing but they don't look too bad so I think I'll just leave them.

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