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noisey defender

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anyone got any ideas what might be causing a really annoying rattle on my defender??

i know this might seem like a "how long is a piece of string" question, but here goes...

its a sharp metallic rattle.

it only does it when the engine is idling, either warm or cold.

you can hear it really loud in the cab, but not in the engine bay or under the car (could be getting masked by the engine noise)

if you press the clutch pedal it goes.

if you increase the engine revs slightly it goes.

any ideas where to start????

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thanks for all the replies guys...

i fired it up and checked the gearlever - although the knob does need "glueing" back on, its not that... which is unfortunate, cos i have a feeling that would have been the easiest to fix...

Western, from your link, am i right in thinking that if it is the clutch springs theres not much i can do about it except turn the stereo up and learn to live with it, but its not likely to leave me stranded by the roadside???

Les it does stop if i just slightly press the clutch pedal, is there any other ways to check the thrust bearing? and is it a big job to do???

thanks again guys!!

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Gearbox off I'm afraid - whichever it turns out to be. A worn thrust bearing will be obvious once you remove it. I've never come across the clutch spring rattle before though. If it is as Dave Ashcroft says it might be, then there's no need to remove the gearbox at all - just live with it. Thrust bearings can be fairly noisy for years without ever getting worse (or better, for that matter).

There will be a difference between the two noises though I think. Clutch spring will chatter, but a worn thrust bearing makes a rushing noise and will do it at any engine speed as long as the clutch pedal is not pressed.


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