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RepRap - DIY 3D Printer

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How did you upset the UK RepRap forum? Your topic seems to have been removed :o


Seems they don't want UK builders posting on the American forum! There is a UK RepRap forum - but it's not linked to from the US site! It also only had two posts on it when I eventually found it.

Not just mine - two other peoples posts have been removed apparently for the same reason. My thoughts on the matter are *^& them! I'll carry on developing it on my own and keep it to myself.


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Earlier this evening there was a piece on the local news about a few local companies, one of those featured was www.bitsfrombytes.com

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When someone works out the equivalent 3D camera / LIDAR project I suspect things will get very interesting.

I don't have the link but I saw a video from Jay Lenos Garage about his Dimension printer and a cheap 3D scanner, a

bloke who has five 8 Litre Bentleys has a different idea of cheap to most people!

among the things show was a scanned and printed adjustable spanner, quite amazing. The spanner, fully working, was

printed in one hit already assembled!

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