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Battery options

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I have two "normal" batteries squeezed into my standard battery box on The Beastie, linked by an X-Charge system. The main battery is to start the engine etc, and the second is to run my radios and an inverter. I suspect that the second battery would be better as a deep cycle battery due to the pattern of usage (usually with engine off and running radio with up to 100W output on Tx). I noticed last night that as I was transmitting my internal LED lighting (off same battery) was showing severe dropping of voltage and flickering a lot.

What, I wonder, might be the optimal "mix" of batteries for such a setup given I want to keep it all in the battery box? I have seen pictures of two red top Optima batteries but not sure if this gives best mix since the usage requirements for starting the engine and running radios seem quite different.

Any suggestions most appreciated.

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Thanks Western. I knew they were more expensive but had no idea they were that expensive!

Am just about to upgrade from roof bars to hopefully a Brownchurch roof rack so I may have to live with the battery for a bit longer but at least now I know what I need to sort it.

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