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Just thought people might be interested to see another way of doing th


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Hi all,

I was running DI but am now going back to Tdi (minus the inter-cooler for the moment. 1 step at a time! :rolleyes: )

Anyway, I might be completely wrong but I think I might have done things a little differently to others, not sure if there is much benefit although in my case without the intercooler it did make piping very strait forward. The modification I did was simply rotating the ally casing on the turbo anti-clockwise so that the outlet now points more up than down. To do this I removed the huge circlip to release the ally casing from the main body of the turbo, now it could be easily drilled and tapped. To a curtain extent it was guess work, I didn't want to over-rotate the housing but had to move the waste gate actuator (is that what it's called?) to the other side of the outlet or it would of been too little so I positioned it just on the other side of the outlet but far enough away to not obstruct pipe work. Now just drill and tap. On reassembly it was perfect and the only other thing that needed doing was a longer pipe needed to be fitted for the waste gate actuator.

Pictures explain far better than me. As I say I think this is a different method to most Tdi installations, if not then oh well it's just a bit more info for those who are going to do the conversion!

Hope that helps someone...


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rotating the body of a turb is called "clocking" you can move the outlet around by undoing the bolts that hold the inlet / outlet to the bearing core. There will be restrictions and an intercooler is a must IMO

Are you saying I didn't have to faf about drilling and tapping new holes? feel stupid now :( But does this not mean the waster gate actuator is pulling in an odd direction? hence why i had to tap new holes...?



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