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D2 Light Bar with lights


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I can recommend 4 x lites on light bar, thats what i have on my defender. 2 x spot and two fog/flood types. I have the two spots wired to come on with main beam and also with a seperate off switch so its main beam only. The two fogs i have wired in just to be an on/off switch for either off road or i use them as work lights at the front.

All of the azmouth type.

Drilled a hole in roof to take wires in, lots of sealant and its fine.

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Same as Davie, Dilled a hole in the roof above the A pillar and run cables down A pillar behind plastic trim, so the end up right where you want them , by the fuse box and all wires fron healights etc. Make sure to use relays for youre new lights and right amperage cables.

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