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Swivel Housing Seal

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Decided i'd make a start on reassembling the front axle today, need to nip out and get some bits, however i'm a bit puzzled with the swivel seal.

Is it supposed to be a tight fit in the swivel housing itself?

Mine just drops in. Theres no real play or movement to speak of, but its not the usual "tap in" fit i'd expect from an oil seal...

RAVE just says "fit the seal", whereas the haynes rebuild manual says to use sealant and the image shows the housing with a smear of hylomar blue on it.

I think i'm going to go with the hylomar, on the grounds that its not a very tight fit, and it certainly cant hurt, but i was just wondering what others have done.



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It came in a Britpart packet, but was marked OEM and looks genuine.

I've compared it side by side with the genuine Swivel ball inner oil seals i baught, and the part numbers are printed on both in the same way, and the manufacturers name is the same, so i'm happy its the real deal.

Now the swivel housing was rusty, and i've derusted it electrolytically, so theres presumably less material there now than there was before, which is possibly why its not as tight as i'd expect.

It doesnt seem to move around once in the hole, ie its not what you'd call loose, but it did just drop in rather than requiring pushed in.

I doubt buying a new seal is going to make a differnce, so i'm just going to assemble it with some Tigerseal and hope that seals it nicely.

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Lol ye.

I specified an OEM seal, the britpart packet clearly states OEM and has G on the end of the part number.

As i said above i compared it with the genuine seal for the inner swivel ball which came from a landrover packet, and they looked identical. Same manufacturers stamp and the part number printed directly onto the seal in the same way.

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