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110 Vent Leaver - Plastic Knobs

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Hi All!

This is my first post on the forum, and probably many will follow. I have been driving a 300tdi Discovery around for the last 4 years, and due to various things going wrong and the vehicle getting a little long in the tooth, yesterday I took the plunge and purchased a 1999 td5 110 CSW! The price was right as there are a few areas that need attention on the vehicle (all the normal things as well as some internal and external issues)

The first two, fairly minor issues in comparison to others that I want to sort, but its a start.

1. The N/S vent control vent plastic handle has been broken off, is this plastic handle available as a replacement part or do I need to replace the whole leaver etc?

2. The rear O/S passenger door won't open. I understand that this is a common-ish problem and we found the a bit of bashing the door would open (the problem was lifting the lock handle up) but we then struggled to close it again. Is there a specific part that needs a squirt of WD-40 to resolve?



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