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rust checking point on diso 300tdi


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I note by your details that you are in Malta. IMHO most of the corrosion is caused/promoted by road salt so any Disco you get might be good. Otherwise I'd check,

  • Boot floor
  • Rear cross member
  • Rear wheel arches and seat belt mounts
  • Sills
  • Inner wings
  • Headlamp boxes

Anybody else care to add to the list?

My Disco is an ex Jap market with very very little corrosion - I'd recommend that route to anyone.

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That's about right for the rusty areas. ;)

Something I always check for as a gauge to how well it's been serviced, no matter what the paperwork looks like, is the state of the brake bleed nipples, as to whether they look corroded and/or mangled, especially the rears. If they do then it's a good bet that the calipers/piston seals might need a bit of work. It's also a pointer as to how thorough someone's been when looking after the rest of the vehicle.

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