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Good hole or bad hole?

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Hi all, I have been overhauling my 1994 TDI300 90 and found a possible problem whilst cleaning the sludge left from a leaking rear crankshaft oil seal. The alloy casting on the engine has a 1cm hole around half way up on the right hand side. Is this normal or has there been some damage caused at some time?

The first picture shows the whole casting, the second a close up of the hole (not easy to see - between the stud and bolt).



I did find some 'spare' shims in the flywheel housing when I removed the flywheel. I think they came from a previous starter. Had the car a couple of months now and from previous receipts can see the starter was changed last year.


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Firstly, sorry. I have no expereince in dismantling a 300 TDI, so I can't comment on your hole.

However, a bit of plastic metal would easily fill it and stop any water ingress if that's your worry. Thinking about it, a dolop of silicone sealant would probably do the job too. That would be a bit more of a bodge though.

If you have access to either MIG or AC TIG, please ignore both of the above!


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Use epoxy, do NOT try to weld a bellhousing, they've got a very high magnesium content and will not weld cleanly at all. JB Weld works find, had to fix a few holes in my LT77 housing from a bolt left inside by Frog's Island when they changed the input shaft while in the care of the previous owner. Tore the clutch basket up bad too.

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Thanks for the replies.

Setting off the magnesium with a welder would be an impressive end to the truck! I'll use the plastic metal fix to plug the hole.

I was worried it might be a breather but thinking again all it could do is let oil in from my bleeding engine. Next job, find all the oil leaks front of the flywheel!

Cheers, Simon

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