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Why just the rear shocks?

You have to think of your suspension as a system, front and rear together.

How fast are you travelling?

How much travel do you have/want?

Does it balance with the front?

How heavy is the vehicle?

What mounting brackets do you have?

Changing one item is not really the way to go with suspension mods, you need to decide what you want and build everything to suit.

Always makes me chuckle that people get massive articulation on the rear with very little on the front, because it's cheap and easy to do the rear and difficult and expensive to get the front to work well.


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At the moment im building my Tray back. so atm I'm looking at Just the Rear, The front will come later or after ive built the back end.

I wont be Travelling fast. i only use it for offroad./ Winch challenges and play days. I have no intention of using it in xtc.

I would like to see as much travel as i could i suppose.

Its a defender 90 200 tdi, challenge wings roll cage,

At the moment no mounting brackets as such but again im building the back end up.

So any ideas ?

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Lots of people (me included) go for 14" which gives lots of travel. The quality is outstanding and of course they are fully rebuildable and adjustable.

Have a chat with Milners armed with an approx vehicle weight and intended use and they should be able to give you good advice.

I would have no hesitation in buying another set when I need some!


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