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Leccy Fans from a scrappy - any know what has...

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(almost the first time I've dared to answer anything on here - you're all too clever 4me)

Nige - my lucky winner would be citroen CX diesel (if you can find one over there). Twin leccy fans on the outside, in fact the entire rad unit is a perfect fit for a defender...


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Some Citroens too - I got a set, including cowl and built in relays for £10

As far as I can tell, those are exactly the same fans as fitted to 306s. At least, they look exactly the same between my girlfriend's 306 and a colleague's xsara - not surprising given Peugeot & Citroen's relationship.

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I had a Citroen fan for several years til the bearings went. Now I've upgraded to a mammoth fan from a 6 cyl BMW 5 series(fits to the outside of the radiator). Never measured the thing but its huge and moves a few molecules. ;)


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