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MegaJolt/Squirt V8 (serp) dizzy removal


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If you are squirting or jolting a serpentine V8 then you have no need of the dizzy. Removing it would allow more space (in my case for the coil-packs) and the potential for silly money for it on ebay. But what to block the hole with?

Some people turn up plugs, some cut the top off the existing dizzy and block the hole: My solution is to use a wheel-nut from an RRC alloy with the O ring pushed over it (held in place with a little Tiger Seal). It sits nicely under the existing clamp and looks ok too. :)

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But in pre-serpentine belt engine, distributor is also powering oil pump! So be carefull with removal, otherwise you will end up with destroyed engine.

Yes - perhaps I should have placed more emphasis on the fact that this only works for a SERPENTINE V8 :) - I will edit the original post... Oh. I can't...

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