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Halfords 2.5 ton car ramps question.


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Hi guys

a quick question, will 2 x halfords 2.5 ton car ramps hold a disco 2 safely, the idea is i want to paint the chassis of the disco and at a later date i want to replace the tranny oil and filter when the mileage is due and the car needs to be level to do this.



03 d2 td5 auto e.s.

97 d1 300 tdi man.

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i think if each is rated at 2.5 tons then 4 should hold 10 tons between them.

wouldn't like to put that much on them though.

i await correction now though :lol:

You shouldn't just multiply safe working loads up: 2.5 tonnes for one, 3.75 tonnes for two, 7.5 for four. However, they will probably have a factor of safety of nearly 2, which means four might collapse at anything between 7.5 and 15 tonnes ... only 3 to 7 times the weight of the car :D ...

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