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Radiator + intercooler clean up

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What is the forum's recommendations for cleaning and flushing the radiator and intercooler matrix before re-fitting?

I reckon it will be at least a month before I get to put the intercooler and rad back on my chassis. At the moment they are sitting on the floor of my workshop getting in the way so if there was some benefit in having them full of something which will help clean out the innards, now would be the time to do it.



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If the vehicle has a history of being used in mud/muddy puddles, I would also take the opportunity to leave both rad and intercooler submerged in water for a few days to clean between the fins.

Leave to soak for a day or so, then a quick blast with the pressure washer (or hose with your finger over the end), then leave to soak.....repeat a few times and it'll soon have the fins clear!

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