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Preditor Alloys on an early 90 (1984)

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I have an early 90 and have the issue with the front drive flanges fouling the inside of Boost alloys etc.

I spotted these at Craddocks and it looks like they might fit (large clearance for the drive flanges).

Anybody got any piccies of them fitted?


G :)

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A friend of mine had these on his 110 a few years ago, I had always liked the look of them in the photos and seeing them in the flesh only reinforced this opinion.

They should fit ok as like my ZU's they do not have a centre-cap and therefor no issues with the drive-member sticking through.

The only thing that put me off was the 17-inch size. I was reluctant to move away from 16-inch although I am the first to admit I have no real basis for this reluctance, I just was!

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Sorry I can't find the pics. I had them fitted to my Disco for a few years but sold them to a chap with an early 90. He mailed me a couple of pics to show how good it looked. Those pics appear to have dissappeared :(

Hi Chaps,

OF thanks for looking anyway, MurphyBoy had some nice alloys posted for his chassis swap here are they the same? He said they were ZU's but deffo look similar to the Preditor ones.

What do you recon?



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or even spacers ;)

Cheers Mo and all for your replies.

mmmmmmm....... (thoughtfully rubbing chin, the top one not the second :D )

I asked about spacers previously as I liked the idea of just fitting the boosts and getting additonal (not much) turning as a bonus.

With spacers would the drive flanges clear the inside of the alloys or would they still need dressing?

Of course going down this route will mean fitting extended wheel studs. I wish I had know about this before I rebuilt the axles..... :P


G :)

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