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Inconsistent Cluch

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I have been having some fun and games with the clutch/gearbox.

I noticed that the gears were sticky and have changed the gearbox oil.

This has helped somewhat, but now I have noticed a different problem - The clutch travel changes regularly.

Most of the time the bite point is about half way - but some times it seems to be near the bottom of the travel.

Normally this is not a great problem, but when it gets stuck in first in traffic it is a right royal pain.

Any ideas?


PS when changing the gearbox oil there are somethings that no-one tells you. It will gush at first missing your tray to one side, and as you move your tray to catch this oil it dies down and dribbles the otherside of the tray. The lesson - get a bigger tray. Also a 32mm spanner is a big spanner! Also the big nut needed WD-40 to shift it. 15 minutes of soaking and it came off a treat. Thanks to MadCows for his simple "how to do" on his website.

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... - The clutch travel changes regularly.

Most of the time the bite point is about half way - but some times it seems to be near the bottom of the travel. ...

I had a similar issue with mine a while ago, I was convinced it was the Clutch master cylinder seals leaking past because the "bite point" would sometimes sink to the floor while stopped in gear (waiting at a junction for example,) so I bought a new cylinder - and the problem promptly went away on it's own, It's been OK ever since, must be 2 or 3 years now.

Maybe sometimes you just need to threaten to repair it :P

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I have exactly the same issue. For some years now I've been putting up with a clutch that has inconsistent feel. Sometimes I'll have a full pedal, sometimes it'll drop to about half way before there's any resistance. Over the years I've replaced the master cylinder, the clutch itself, then the slave cylinder and then another master cylinder, and still it's playing up. I built a pressure bleeder to make absolutely certain there was no air in the line, and it has never used any fluid.

Last week I was away on an overnight trip to the Bendlby Ranges and it let me down completely, meaning I had to miss out on the best of the tracks and head for home early. :angry: By the time I got back to Adelaide (4hrs drive on the highway) the pedal was back to normal. :huh:

I've never replaced the master and slave cylinders at the same time, so that's what I'm doing now, and I'm replacing the flexible hose at the slave end too, just for good measure. But if this doesn't fix it I'll shoot the thing. :ph34r:

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only ay to sort it is to change master/ slave and the hose between.

my td5 did it .....especially if someone else was driving! if they smacked the pedal down hard i guess it would flip i seal over somewhere and the clutch would go! after a few miles it would be back fine?! landrover ehwink.gif

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