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d2 leak


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hi can any one point me in the right direction on my d2 im getting water in the driver side footwell i have checked the sunroof pipes(all clear),air con drain pipes but with no luck there seem's to be water getting in round the ruber bung in the footwell where the door wires come in, can any one tell me where the sunroof drain pipes are supposed to come out i cant find the exit point im thinking they have been changed in the past but are not long enough and are draining in side the car.

Any help or idea's would help cheers

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take a look around the baulkhead \ front of windscreen cavity drain area on the inner wing?...

Mine had rotted next to the drain hole and water was running down the inside of the inner wing and over the electrics :ph34r:

i patched it and its bone dry now....took a week to dry the water out - im not putting the sponge mats back in - theyre bad news :)


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Sounds like a seat leon they get water there and its cause with the seal along the bottom of the doors as the water gets in down the windows runs down the inside of the door and there are drains on the bottom of the door where the water runs out and if them seals are damaged it could get into your footwell.

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