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Torque Wrench

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I think after this episode with the wheelnuts, and needing to change the pinion seal. I need a torque wrench.

I'm looking at the halfords ones, But I'm unsure as to which range will be better?

8-60Nm or 40-200Nm

Or in old money:

6-45 lb.ft 30-150lb.ft

You'll generally need the big one, but some things need the smaller one! I have two ;)

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I first bought the largest Halfords one,

then took it back and bought the small and middle ones as the largest is too big for 90% of jobs even on a LR.

I was using it to replace the heads on a V8 and even then it would only suit one job, the head bolts.

Good quality and lifetime garuntee but poor cases, they will break if knocked hard and no packing inside to protect it.


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