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TD5 dashboard instruments

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Today I was cruising with my 110 when suddenly all instruments in dash went off..... right now I don't have fuel gauge, temp gaugem speedo, odo, nor turn lights. Also, car started to jittering when accelerate, as if wastegate arm was stucked, but check and everything is OK. I Checked all fuses and relays, all is OK. Any idea? Nanocom instruments mode shows all values with no problem, so I suppose it's a ground conection, but don't know which one. I have just checked 2 chassis one and 2 passenger base one, everything loos just fine,..-.....

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On a Right Hand drive vehicle, the earth point you are looking for is just by the clutch master cylinder, held to the bulkhead by a stud and nut.

Follow the loom as it leaves the bulkhead going towards the front of the vehicle - one set of wires will be a group of black earth wires which will run to the white box.

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Thanks a lot Simon. I have checked and don't have this little box near the inertial or the water deposit. I found these bolt (I think it comes from the fuse box held, one of the two bolts that fixed it to the bulkhead) and the space near it seems to held something that isn't there:


I see this free fixed poins here, do you think the white ground is the thing that is not here:


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Thanks to everyone for all the help. It seems that my car doesn't have the white box or the additional ground in the engine bay. Problem was solved last night,..... it only was to clean up the start engine terminal and everything seems really ok right now.... let you know if anything change.-...

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