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td5 hi/low switch....

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hi all,

having plugged in my newly purchased hawkeye to the td5- it ionformed me that the ecu thought the truck was in low when in high and visa versa. I have pulled the plug from the switch and bridged it with wire to trick it to think its in high all the time- this has vastly improved the drive of the truck!

Does anyone know how to doa permanent fix to this rather than the piece of wire?

Thanks in advance!

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try changing the switch first. it's a screw on from the outside on the front housing of the t-box. change that washer too.

if shorting the connectors return 12v to the ECU, then the switch must be faultly and not closing the circuit when in high.

it's not a solution, imagine getting stuck in mud and you decide to switch to low (so t-box in low) but FTC is still enabled as the ECU still thinks it's in high. now do you want to crawl under and remove the wire?

I'm not sure, but i though it was 12v short to ground = FTC off. so the switch closed contact = low range.

Check with the nanocom or rovacom. i remembered the first generation nanocom had this problem of reporting it in reverse as well.

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