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Help - Leccy problem

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Odd and doing my head in :(

Problem is as follows :

Went deep water wading with HFH (So his fault :P )

Battery went flat overnight

Charged battery, it started but

Alternator light stays on even when engine switched off and

keys are removed ??


Key in, and ignition on and running = Light goes out and all

seems OK and seems to be charging, but somethings wrong

when keys removed as light stays on and battery starts to flatten again

HELP - Ideas please ??


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As said above, at least one diode in the rectifier pack has failed short.

You can replace the pack, about £30 from Lucas service + your time with tools and a big soldering iron. Might as well treat the alternator to a clean and a set of brushes while you're at it.

Or of course take it someplace professional and have it done, or just fit a new un.

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In the long run yes, as i'm taking the 90" away this weekend with my wife for our 10th wedding anniversary and if it's not working properly then she'll kill me! not really time to get this one repaired. New one trade was £69.00. I may get the busted one repaired as a spare.


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