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faulty fuel gauge

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Had some trouble with the fuel guage as it was always reading full, was told to change the guage which I did and I also changed the fuel pump as it was playing up but it still reads full and the only way to keep a check on the fuel level is with the trip and fuel light.

Theres only 3 wires from the pump and thought I had put them on the wrong way but it still dont work after changing them around.

Driving me mad.


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the 3 wires at sender unit are

fuel gauge -- green/blue

low fuel ight -- white/slate

earth -- black

at the fuel gauge

12v ign controlled feed -- green

from tank sender unit -- green/blue

earth -- black

with the fuel gauge showing full all the time, the problem could be a short to earth with the grren/blue wire.

gauge illumination -- red/white

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